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Immigration Bail Bonds

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US passport and American flag - waiting for immigration bondHardly anyone would disagree that if your friends or family members are arrested for violating immigration rules, then you will have to help them. There are so-called immigration bail bonds that will allow you to release someone from custody. You should note that this option is available only if the one meets certain requirements under the laws of the United States – contact Jess Bail Bonds to find out if you are eligible.

There are times when a person may be released just after signing the document on his own recognizance. Often, however, you will not want to provide huge collateral to release someone. In this case, you can consider using immigration bonds and insurance.

Immigration Bail Bond Types

A system that regulates immigration is called Immigration and Customs enforcement. It is their responsibility to control that all people live in America legally. Arresting and detaining citizens for illegal immigration are also in the area of powers of this service. If according to the conclusions by the Department of Homeland Security, the detainee does not threaten national security, then he or she will be offered two ways to become.

Delivery Bond

This option may be available to immigrants who have been detained by the ICE. An immigration judge then considers whether the person can qualify for the bond. For this purpose, the immigrant must obtain an arrest warrant along with a notice of custody terms from The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. This bond type allows ensuring that the person will eventually show up for the court hearings. It is a great solution for those who wish to spend their time with family rather than in jail.

Voluntary departure

An illegal immigrant can choose to leave the USA at one’s discretion using own money. Obviously, this can be done within a certain period of time. The deposit that you pay will be returned to you if you leave the USA on time. However, if you stay in America, the money will be lost.

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Cost of Immigration Bond

The immigration bonds cost of early releases varies. The higher the risk that you will not leave the country, the greater the amount of the deposit will be.

The following factors may be taken into account when making a decision:

  • Status of immigration;
  • Criminal records;
  • Working status;
  • Having a family in the USA.

The minimum immigration bond amount is $1,500; however, if there are many risk factors, it can jump up to $10,000. As for voluntary departure, it requires a deposit of at least $500. In any case, it is important to understand that financial losses are not comparable to losing precious time in custody.

How to Pay Immigration Bond

dollars in US passport: how to pay immigration bondYou can choose from two payment methods:

  1. Surety bond. Your relatives and relatives may contact an agent who specializes in immigration. You will have to pay one up to 20% of the deposit amount. In this case, the money will not be returned to you;
  2. Voluntary departure bond. Alternatively, a deposit can be fully paid at the Immigration Office. This payment will be returned to you at the end of the trial if the defendant appears for all hearings. Obviously, the payment can be made using a bank transfer, a check, in cash, or US bonds.

Immigration Bond Refund

Please note that if your immigration bond is refundable, it may take up to one year or even longer for the US government to pay your money back. This happens because of the complicated fund logistics related to the bond process. You can look for additional information using many bonds and insurance services.

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