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There are different classifications of crimes, and the majority of them have their own names and descriptions. A felony is the most serious crime that a person can commit. The exact meaning of a felony varies depending on the state, but in all US states, a person charged with a felony can be sentenced to at least 12 months in jail. The most serious charges may even lead to the death penalty. The most severe crimes like murder, rape, kidnapping, and some others are considered a felony. In such a case, the procedure has to be observed strictly.

A misdemeanor is not considered to be as serious as a felony. This criminal offense can also lead to imprisonment, but its duration is usually much shorter. The shortest imprisonment period is at least five days, but it may be up to 6-12 months. In most cases, a person sentenced for misdemeanor spends their time in a local jail. If you wish to know more about a felony, continue reading this article.

How Much Is Bail for a Felony?

The amount of felony bail depends on various factors. Here is the list of the most significant ones:

  • The age of a person that committed a felony;
  • The criminal history of the person;
  • The simultaneous existence of other criminal charges;
  • If the person has not appeared in the court as one should have;
  • If this person is abusing drugs and other illicit substances.

In some cases, it is not an option to pay bail. It is prohibited in some states for people charged with first-degree murder. So, how much is bail for a felony?

roll of money: for felony bailThe vast majority of crimes imply a specific bail, including the following:

  • Murder. The highest bail for murder is one million dollars. The same amount is asked from those solicited the murder. If there is assault with intent to murder, a $500,000 bail is determined;
  • Rape. The highest bail for rape is set in California and some other states. The bail reaches $100,000 in most cases. In other states, criminals charged with the same crime can pay $50,000. The attempted rape involves 25,000 dollars bail;
  • Manslaughter. This crime is judged by various factors. If the manslaughter is involuntary, the bail will be around $25,000. The voluntary crime implies a $100,000 bail;
  • Kidnapping. Usually, the bail reaches $100,000. If a person kidnaps a child, especially if the victim is under 14 years old, the bail can increase up to $500,000. If there are aggravated circumstances like kidnapping for racketeering or robbery, the amount can reach $1 million;
  • Robbery. The bail amount depends on the crime degree. Usually, the first-degree robbery requires a $100,000 bail, while it is $50,000 dollars for the second-degree crime. The use of weapons increases the bail amount.

Bail Jumping Felony

Bail jumping charge means failing to show up to the court after being released from custody on bail. It many states, it is considered a felony. However, in some states, it is misdemeanor bail jumping.

In case of not appearing in the court and failing to comply with the terms and bond conditions, the person will be charged with bail jumping felony. The bail or signature bond may be set. Being proven not guilty of the initial charge will not affect the felony charges for bail jumping. Usually, the defendant manages to prove their innocence, unless he or she intentionally fails to comply with the law.

A valid excuse is not receiving a notification with the specified time and date of the court. There may also be certain circumstances beyond the defendant’s control. The rules for proving such circumstances are very strict. Sometimes, the charged person can use alcohol or drugs intoxication as an excuse, but it will likely be considered insufficient.

Another eligible excuse is proving to be seriously sick. However, the reliable evidence of this will be required, such as urgent hospitalization.

Felony Bail in California

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