Bail Bonds: How it works in Los Angeles

bail bonds how it works los angeles

In California, there are 3 ways you could post bail if you’re accused of a crime:

  • Money (California Penal Code – Section 1269)
  • Bail bond (California Penal Code – Section 1276)
  • Property bond (California Penal Code – Section 1276.5).

How does bail work – California?

Most people shall choose posting bail through a bail bond service in California since they don’t have enough cash readily available to post money bail. A bail bond is an agreement between an accused and a bail bonds agent. Under this agreement, one promises to appear in court in due time and the agent guarantees to post bail. You need to pay out the agent a specified superior, which is 10 percent of the bail amount the court offers set typically. This premium isn’t refundable, but could be sometimes reduced to 8 percent – call us to find out if you are eligible. Therefore, for instance, if bail is defined at $200,000, you will need to pay the agent $20,000, or ten percent. However, in some cases, you may simply pay out $16,000.

How does a bail work in General?

It is simply some amount of money stated by the court that you should pay in order to be able to continue your more or less normal life in between the court proceedings. Thus, if you are able to pay it in cash, that’s cool, highly recommended to do that. If not, feel free to refer to our LA bail bonds service here.

Does California have bail bonds?

There should have been a new law to take into effect this October (2019). By the new law, the cash bail should have been abolished so that poor and rich were treated equally. However, the bail industry made everything to make this not happen. Thus, at the moment the law is somewhat postponed and yes, at the very moment, California does have bail bonds.

How do you bail someone out?

Most of the ways involve money, that is:

  1. Bail bond (just call a good bondsman to ensure you get it fast and cheap)
  2. Property bond (if you have it)
  3. Cash (usually, however, one still uses bonds)
  4. Judge may let you go on your own recognizance.

How much are bail bonds in California, Los Angeles?

The lowest start for a bail bond in Los Angeles, California is 8%, but 10% is a more viable solution for most cases. Some attorneys claim they can help you to reduce the interest rate which is not always the case, however. Most of bails are set around $100,000 to 200,000. That is, the bail cost would be $10,000 to $20,000 in most cases.

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What percentage of bail do you pay in California?

Most bondsmen charge around +/-10%. But less than 10% are rare occurrences. An average bail can be around $150,000. Thus, you’ll pay around $15,000 for that one.

Can you go to jail for not paying bail bonds?

It’s like taking a loan and refusing payment. A bail bondsman will file a lawsuit against you and sue you to pay the bail bond’s amount. However, it doesn’t mean you are put back to jail as it’s a totally different story. Nevertheless, the bail agent may revoke a bail if your case is still pending and that would mean you’d need a new bail bond or figure something out.

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What happens to bail money if you don’t appear?

If you fail to appear in courtroom, the bail bond agent forfeits the bail cash. Therefore, these agents shall have a very strong incentive to monitor you and be sure you appear. In the event that you neglect to do so, it’ll be to the agent to find you up. To ensure that the bail bond company to post bail in your stead, a realtor will require some kind of collateral to be posted typically. This is often a homely house, car, or anything of value you possess. If you fail to appear in court, this security will be used to cover the forfeiture of the bail amount.

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