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Driving Under the Influence Bail Bonds in California

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driving under the influence bail listening with gravel, alcohol and car keys on photoCalifornia has a specified set of laws aimed at decreasing the number of drunk driving cases. Such offenses can lead to fatal accidents. Therefore, specific DUI and DWI laws have been adopted. In case of committing such offenses, you should know the difference between these notions for acting in a proper way.

What is a DUI offense? The term means driving under the influence, which means driving a vehicle when being under the effects of certain substances, such as alcohol and drugs. Generally speaking, a DUI charge mostly depends on a police officer’s decision. DWI, in turn, can be referred to as driving when being intoxicated. The officer checks a driver’s blood alcohol level which must not exceed 8%. People under 21 years old are not allowed to drive in California with a BAC level of 0.1% or more, which is checked using a breathalyzer.

A person caught when driving under the influence will face a charge with a DUI offense and fined, which depends on the charge gravity.

DUI Arrest

A police officer can stop a car in case of any suspicions caused by too slow or fast driving, weaving from side to side, etc. Then he or she is analyzing a driver’s appearance and behavior. The intoxication symptoms include dilated pupils, indistinct speech, sharp smell of alcohol, red eyes, aggressive actions, and so on.

drunk driving

Then you will be asked to take some special tests. Being arrested for a DUI is only possible if the test results prove the suspicions. Having a driver’s license obliges to take alcohol and drug testing on the police officer’s demand. In case of refusal, you will undergo a license suspension.

The next stage is building DUI cases. You will be informed about the court dates where you can be sentenced if there is enough proof. It would be difficult to manage such a situation without an experienced DUI attorney. One will provide legal advice and develop a defensive strategy. Moreover, you should contact a bail bond agent in order to be released from jail until the court hearing. Posted bail obliges you to return to court hearings; otherwise, paying the full amount of money to the agency providing bail bonds will be obligatory. After the court hearing, you are either sentenced or released.

Is DUI a Felony or a Misdemeanor in California?

Three DUI offenses without aggravating factors are considered as a misdemeanor. A penalty depends on the case circumstances:

  • The 1st offense can require you to pay a fine amounting to $390-$1,000 and you will not be able to use your license for at least six months or will be even imprisoned for up to half a year;
  • The 2nd offense leads to the same fine of $390-$1000, one-year imprisonment, or license revocation for a couple of years;
  • The 3rd offense may cost you a fine amounting to $1,800 as well as your license revocation for up to three years or spending one year in jail.

DUI is considered a felony in California State in case of a history of at least three previous DUI offenses, or in case of injuring or killing other people. It leads to imprisonment from 16 months to 16 years, fines up to $5,000, and your license revocation for five years.

How to Get out of a DUI?

gravel on drugs for DUI arrestIt is difficult to escape a DUI charge, but you have chances especially if it is the first DUI offense. The popular mistake is pleading guilty instantly. In this case, you will be sentenced. Find a professional attorney who can learn all case’s details. One will examine the situation and advise what to do. You can prove your innocence if no guilty evidence has been obtained after tests. Wait for the results to build an effective strategy. If you injure or kill a person due to a DUI, you can go to jail for up to 16 years, depending on the gravity.

Bail for DUI in CA

DUI bail bonds can get you out of jail. The bail amount depends on the previous charges, case circumstances, gravity, etc. You should not pay a full amount. An agency will do this for you. You just have to pay them 10-15% of the total sum and follow all requirements, especially those related to your presence at the court hearings.

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