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CA Bail Bonds for Assault

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gun and money one needs for bail for assault in CAA bail bond is referred to as an agreement, according to which a person charged with an alleged crime must attend all court hearings and pay certain bail amounts in order to be released from jail. Bail bonds for assault are determined depending on the circumstances of the crime. Battery and physical interaction are considered assaults in California, but batteries or assaults can become felonies if causing bodily injury took place.

If you commit a simple assault without serious damages, it will be a class “A” misdemeanor, and no bails bonds will be required. If your crime is included to the bail schedule, you will have to pay a set bail or call to an assault bail bondsman for assistance.

How Much Is Bail for Assault

A simple assault charge is not considered serious in California. Such a misdemeanor charge can lead to the fine amounting up to $1,000 or up to half-a-year sentence. However, the penalty may be increased if the assault was committed against a public servant on duty, for instance, a police officer, doctor, firefighter, lifeguard, etc. In such cases, the fine can reach up to $2,000 while the sentence can be up to one year. The same penalty can be determined in the event of domestic violence.

Battery in California can be defined both as misdemeanor and felony. If you used force without causing serious damages, you can be sentenced to six months in jail or pay a $2,000 fine. In case of felony assault, you can spend from two to four years in prison.

Another type of crime known as a wobbler is an assault committed using a deadly weapon. It means that it may be considered a simple assault or attributed to a degree “felony crime,” depending on injuries caused. Deadly weapons include the following:

  • Knuckleduster;
  • Club;
  • Knife;
  • Bat;
  • Stick;
  • Bottle and others.

Such felony charges can be punished with a sentence from two to four years in prison. However, if certain circumstances are proven, it is possible to pay to get off a fine up to $2,000.
Taking all evidence into account, such as witness testimony, proven self-defense, or accidental actions, your bail may be changed. In case of an aggravated assault, resulted in kidnapping, homicide, or sexual assault, the court cannot change the bail if there are no special circumstances.

dollars in wallet: how much is bail for assault

Assault bail bond is, in most cases, the only possible decision to be set free. You must pay up to 10% of the bail amount and follow all necessary conditions, for instance, attending all hearings. Otherwise, you may be charged for one more crime or lose paid money. You can calculate the possible bail amount using an online calculator.

Bail for Assault Afford-a-Bail’s Service in CA

Taking the gravity and peculiarities of an assault into consideration, the court can set bail amounting to several thousand dollars. It may be impossible to pay it on your own. However, our bail bondsman will definitely help you in such a difficult situation. Pay attention that if the court identifies a person as a criminal potentially dangerous to the public, he or she can be left in prison until the circumstances are clarified. Apply to our bail bondsman for assistance by calling +1 213-863-9788. We are available 24/7 and ready to answer all your questions regarding the bail bonds in California.